Saturday, March 17, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.22

Revenge! Dark, sinister, incredible!
I thought the quote at the beginning was pretty funny, definitely made sense towards the end of the episode! I loved it when Savage first arrived on Dathomir and saw the fallen Nightsisters, it was a well done scene. I didn't understand what Mother Talzin meant when she said they would survive... Darth Maul looked like an innocent child chasing after an amusing sight that will lead him down a dark path. It was really gross when she was pulling the darkness out of Maul. And then she created mechanical legs out of just a few pieces of metal? I loved the animation of his eye when he woke up! I liked Maul's legs, they looked pretty cool!

Maul's story was kind of creepy, but it did help to make his surviving a little more believable. Maul had a hard time forcing that lightsaber to him, understandable, but he regained his ability a little to quickly, I think. I knew exactly what was going to happen when they landed and the children ran towards them, it was so sad!

It was funny how everyone got silent when Asajj said she had the bounty for Savage. You could really tell the anguish in Obi-Wan's eyes when he arrived on the planet, just another indicator of good animation. You could also see the hate in Maul's eyes extremely well. His passion was, crazy! Obi-Wan didn't stand a chance against the both of them, sadly. The fact that Asajj came to Obi-Wan's rescue was pretty cool! An awesome seen seeing Asajj jump up into the ship as it took off. Asajj is still as aggravatingly funny as she was when she was on the bad side. Except now it's not as disgusting.

I loved it when Asajj gave Obi-Wan her lightsaber and we got four red blades dueling it out to the end. It made for a very neat looking battle! And I loved it! They all pulled off some incredible moves, making this, in my opinion, the duel of the series, and second only to the duel between Maul and Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in the whole SW universe!!

Although I liked the completely red battle, it was cool when Obi-Wan got his lightsaber back and tossed Asajj's to her just in time! Maul's kicking moves were pretty cool! Although the icing on top of the cake was the ending when the Kenobi and Ventress were escaping and both side seemed to be one force against the other! Seeing Savage and Maul in somewhat of a defeat was a great near ending! And adding Ventress and Kenobi in the same ship not trying to kill each other, it was very nice! I wish either Maul or Savage or both of them would have died in this episode, but I did like the cliff-hangar ending! The thing is, we probably won't continue this story until at least mid-season in Season 5.

Hope you enjoyed all of my reviews for this season! I'm looking forward to being back on my CW reviews when Season 5 starts this fall! I'm hoping to get a review of the entire season up also! Until next time, my friends, MTFBWY!!!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.21

Brothers! Creepy, yet satisfying! haha

I didn't understand the quote...haha The scene at Dooku's palace was very cool! The scene at the diner was very disturbing though... And the fact that Anakin and Ahsoka just happened to walk in shorty after it happens... I guess Talzin did survive. I was kinda surprised that we see Latts and Asajj sitting at a table together, I thought Asajj left them... And the scene kinda seemed pointless anyway, other than that everyone seems to be sensing a greater danger from Savage now... Security droids are so funny! The beginning of this episode reminded me of the opening of a suspense film, when everyone has to be introduced, the roll they're going to play and what relations they have to the story, at the same time as the story is beginning to unfold. It was cool!

This junk planet seemed spookier in the previews than in the episode. Reference to terminator?? "Get out!" -Savage/Terminator.... Haha Classic guy falling from cargo hold of ship, haha The ship strangely resembles a dog... I loved the music throughout this episode, very suspenseful and it did a very good job of keeping the mood in check! "Hey big guy," hilarious!! It's so funny when they all say "for the right price," then the person threatens them or something and there like, free works too! Hehe

The "fire-breathers" we're really cool. It was neat how the worm casually, narrowly escapes them. The "junkers" reminded me of Mars Needs Moms. I felt bad for them when Savage destroyed them, but it was cool! Acid rain was such a cool add to the mix! I kind of figured that Maul would be in the cave, the stars of shows always seem to get lucky like that, haha "She's not the only one who betrayed you!" I loved that line! And now the truth is revealed!

Echo, echo, echo! :) That was cool! This part was very creepy, and cool! For the first, and last, time I felt bad for Maul. I did feel bad for the worm though. I loved the ending scene of this episode, though when I first watched it I though, "that was the ending already?!" haha

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this review! Until next time, MTFBWY!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.20

Bounty! A really emotional episode for me!

I didn't really get the quote at the beginning, I believe it's never too late to change who you are. I really liked Ventress's new outfit! I guess Ventress is just trying to fit in with the others, but I couldn't believe she killed that guy. It was cool to see Bossk again. At first Latts Razzi was kind of strange and didn't look very seemed like she could talk the talk, but I wasn't sure if she could fight the fight, if you know what I mean. Haha I thought the line, "...merry band of bounty hunters" was funny. Speaking of funny, it was nice to see Dengar! I like it when they bring characters in from the saga that don't have very many characteristics, or none at all. That way they can make them whatever they want them to be.

I forgot to mention it the last time we saw Boba, but I love how they are playing his, what I'm now calling, theme song whenever we see him. It brings back good memories of his first appearance in TCW and makes me want to watch those episodes again! Highsinger is really cool! I liked Boba's new outfit, but I thought I read that he resized and painted his father's armor right after the first battle of Geonosis.

The hangar way up in the sky was so cool looking, though I would probably get a sense of vertigo if I went up there.... The creatures on this planet look strange.... I love how Bossk is just standing there looking all tough with his arms crossed and looking at the screen out of the corner of his eye! It's so funny! It was so predictable that they weren't allowed to know what was in the box...

The scene where they are flying down the elevators was very cool! I just love the animation!! I like the armor that the people of this planet wear! I thought it was kind of strange that Boba, even though he's young, said, "You make the rules, I'll follow them." What a typical line that made me care even less about Latts, "Who cares? As long as we get paid!"

These mysterious warriors looked really cool! I love how Ventress just plays right along with Dengar's humor! The fist fight scenes were cool, but I honestly don't know why Ventress and Dengar didn't pull out their weapons right away... The swords were cool! Boba's learned to fend for himself since we last saw him! Back to my earlier statements about Latts, they all blew out the window right along with the guys she threw out with her weapons(I don't really know what they're called....)

It was so hilarious when Dengar put the detonators on the warriors, then looked at them with a smile! Then the warriors pull out their swords and Ventress is just like, "You wanna see a sword?" haha Then she just cuts them in half. The reactions to it were the best though! Then Dengar fell off, it was so sad!

An awesome scene when Boba was moving from the engine room to the place were the cargo was. And then the best line so far in the episode, "Oh, hey, boss... Better get down!" Then Highsinger lights up the warriors. The fighting scenes between Ventress and the warriors were incredible! I really enjoyed the action aspect of this episode!

It was kinda obvious, yet still sad, that Bossk was going to get kicked off as soon as he walked into that dark room. It was awesome when the leader came in! He was kinda too good, but still awesome! I loved it when the droid popper didn't do anything to Highsinger! The move the warrior leader pulled off to send Highsinger and Latts off the tram was epic! And then there were three... Oh never mind, it's two now...haha Now somebody pointed out that all it took was a tip of the box to open it, why didn't she open it and escape? Well, at the end we see the box can only be open from the outside... They could have shown it happen, but Boba must have hit the button when he fell over the box. It was obvious that she was on the other side even before she even hit him.

The whole smoke bomb thing was cool! And the ending fist fight was amazingly awesome! The girl was so sweet! I loved the line, "I wish I didn't, but I do..." :'( I thought it was funny when they had Boba say "Idear," no offense to anyone out there who says that, I just didn't know he spoke like that. I was kinda obvious that Ventress was going to help the girl and put Boba in the box, the classic switch on the wedding day! Haha What I wonder though, is who's driving the tram this whole time? Such a sweet scene when she let them go! :')

I think this episode was the first time I ever saw Ventress truly smile! I almost cried when Ventress said, ", I have a future"! I am so on Ventress's side now matter who she fights now! *Sniffle, sniffle(':*

Until next time, MTFBWY!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.19

Massacre! I'm very excited about this one!

I'm not really sure about the quote. I thought they it was a little strange that the Nightsisters weren't as ready as they were before for someone's arrival, I wish they would have been... I was glad to hear that Ventress was leaving her "Sith" ways. I loved the scene as the Separatist leave to battle in the carriers, it was very good animation-wise, and it was a breath-taking scene! Some new ships have been added to the line of the Separatists, I probably just didn't notice them myself yet, though, haha.

The start of the battle was cool. It's kinda of funny that wherever Grievous can customize an area he will be in a lot, he makes it dark and green. Anyone else ever notice that? I have been cheering for Grievous since the news came that he and Ventress would battle, but hardly even half we through I shifted almost completely to Ventress's side. I thought that made it a very good story line that they carried the emotion strongly enough for me to change my emotional thinking half way through an episode!

Talzin's ball of defense and attack was really cool! I love the moves both Ventress and her sisters pull off in this episode! It's kinda strange that the Separatists tested this weapon back in Season One and now they are finally using it. When I watched this episode, I watched it with my nephew, and we were looking at each other like, "Zombies, again?! Awesome!!!!" haha. And then all of the sudden they all come running, and they just smash through the whole crowd of enemies! And Ventress steals a tank and blows up the other tank.

I'm not really a fan of the witches in Star Wars, just because I don't like the topic of witches, but the scene with Dooku was pretty cool. The duel between Grievous and Ventress was very well done! Then all the zombies run and jump on Grievous as Ventress gets away, could've figured something like that would happen... But I mean, you had to know it, cause both of them survive at least to the end of the Clone Wars.

Grievous and his army marching toward the cave was a cool scene! They really have been showing off their abilities in animation this season! The part where Talzin comes out of Dooku was, disturbing, haha. It was sad when the zombies dropped and the last of the Nightsisters were destroyed... Then Dooku threw up green mist, thought that was a little strange... The emotional scene between Ventress and Talzin was so gripping, and it even brought me further into becoming a fan of Ventress's.

Overall, the episode was very well done in all aspects, action, suspense, emotion, and story line! My thinking about Ventress has changed greatly with just one episode! I'm also glad that the rumor of a four part arc finale wasn't true, I think they had one too many this season already... Until next time, MTFBWY!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.18

Crisis on Naboo! Really pleased with the episode!
Well, sorry I've been gone for so long, but I'm back now and ready to tackle all three of these reviews to tonight!

One of the best quotes of this season at the beginning, it really rang more of a truth in real life than the rest. I liked seeing so many of the coolest Jedi in one room! I love most of Yoda's lines! Today he had one of the good ones. I love Embo!!! Sorry, back to the review, haha. Seriously though, I've grown to like a lot of these bounty hunters more through the past few episodes. With exception to Moralo. He was cool at the beginning, but he made my least favorite characters list, which is very short, so it takes a lot to get on that list.

Naboo is one of the most beautiful planets in the Star Wars galaxy, and I would love to live there! I think they did a very good job with portraying the beauty in this episode through incredible animation, which has, undoubtedly, gotten a lot better through the four years it's been up!

I loved the new outfits in this episode. I liked Bane's disguise. About half way through the two senate commando's conversation that I got that one of them was in disguise. Even though it was animation, the fireworks were still incredible and jaw dropping! I thought it was very clever when they switched the chancellor for the bounty hunter! However, during this scene, Embo was standing to the right of Twazzi, then they switched spots in the split second that they were off camera. Bane is always good with exits!

The third person talking of "Moralo Eval" was very annoying! I love bounty hunter fighting scenes! And so the truth is finally revealed. How blind these bounty hunters were, lucky for "Moralo" Dooku figured it out... But lucky for a happy ending, Obi-Wan figured out what Dooku had figured out... I like what they are doing with Anakin, putting doubts in his mind about the council, even Obi-Wan.

The chancellor's arrogance was disgusting. I love duels between Anakin and Dooku, because they continue to remind us that the Jedi are not all powerful, and, though Anakin may be the chosen one, he still is also not all powerful. Anakin pulled off some pretty cool moves in this episode though! The part with the chair was especially cool! And just when you think it's all over an the good side has won, Dooku sends his opponent, electrocuted, flying into a pillar high up in the air, yet he's able to get up and keep fighting? That part bugged me a bit.

And then again you think it's over and the bad guys have won, when Anakin and Obi-Wan come in and save the day one last time!! I love twist endings, though I wish we could have seen the chancellor kidnapped and another episode to show his rescue. Although this would have caused a subtraction of another episode from the season, and I'm sure you're already pulling out your list of episodes you'd like that one to be by now, but honestly, I really wouldn't change a thing this season! Except for maybe just having 23 episodes and a five part arc here, haha.

Overall it was a great episode and I can't wait to see more like this! But it saddens me to realize that there are only a few episodes left :'( As for this arc measuring up to it's two four part predecessors, I think it was up in the ranks, but the other two are still much better in a few ways. Well, until next time, MTFBWY!!!!!!