Monday, October 29, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 5.01

Finally getting started! :)
I'll be going back to my previous way of reviewing this time.
Pretty great episode! It wasn't the best, but good!
Overview: The quote was nice. I am partial against this episode because I don't believe Maul should have survived. I didn't like that the Twi'lek Jedi died right in the beginning! I was just wondering a few weeks ago actually, while watching Grievous Intrigue, if we would maybe see more of her this season. Guess that ruined that... The animation in this episode was good as always. The action was well done as well. I didn't really get them knocking everything over. But hey, they're Sith, they can do what ever they want, right? I think that Maul definitely regained his strength and abilities much too quickly, even for the darkside. And I feel like they degraded Maul from his former abilities. I also didn't understand why everyone thought that Maul and Savage were Jedi... Even Hondo! I loved Hondo's line "I'm so proud, but so betrayed." Made me laugh! The battle scene was very well done! And the duel was another epic one, not falling short of the previous duel in Revenge! Though that one was slightly better because Ventress survived, unlike Adi Gallia... She was one of my favorite Jedi. It was sad to see her go. I still couldn't believe that they would start the season with her death however... The final duel between Maul and Savage was one of the best! The moves each of the three pulled off were incredible! Kenobi with two lightsabers was amazing to see! I didn't care either way about Savage's arm. I was really happy to see Maul's leg get shot off later though! Hondo's lines are always the best: "Insolence? Ha! We are pirates! We don't even know what that means!" The show of Maul and Savage's vulnerabilities was great! Even the "great" Maul can't survive everything! Though I still wait for the day that peaceful canon can resume with the death of this monster. Obi-Wan must have his moment! Again remembering Ian Abercrombie by hearing the difference in the voice. However, I believe that they could have left out that line, or kept it the way it was, or whatever they changed it for. It most likely would have been better...
Story Line and Dialogue: I feel as though most of the time the writers have a hard time creating convincing dialogue and flowing story line. However, the episode was still well done and I enjoyed the story.
Disappointments: Well, one of my obvious disappointments is the return of Maul, but that's besides the point of this episode alone. I thought, again, that the dialogue was somewhat lacking. I also don't think it was a good idea to kill Gallia right off the bat, and I wish they wouldn't have at all. Again, I was disappointed that they threw in "They're just petty crooks" or whatever Palpatine said, with the new actor. I also wish the premier would have been an hour-long premier, but it was still good.
Conclusion: Overall the episode was great! Besides multiple canon issues and some lack in areas, the episodes was really great! It is definitely on the higher end of best Season Premiers, and it ranks 3rd in my favorite Season Premiers after Season 2 and Season 3! I rank this episode a 7/10. Be on the lookout for my review of the Onderon arc to come soon! Until then, MTFBWY!


  1. Nice, but it seems as if I like this episode more than you. I find Adi's death especially disturbing, since she was already supposed to die later...

    1. Thanks. Again, I was partial because of the whole Maul situation. I didn't like Adi dying anyway, as I said, but yes, that was even further disturbing. It seems as if the writers of TCW will smash through anything but the movies, save(possibly) the major EU's like The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed.