Saturday, March 17, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.22

Revenge! Dark, sinister, incredible!
I thought the quote at the beginning was pretty funny, definitely made sense towards the end of the episode! I loved it when Savage first arrived on Dathomir and saw the fallen Nightsisters, it was a well done scene. I didn't understand what Mother Talzin meant when she said they would survive... Darth Maul looked like an innocent child chasing after an amusing sight that will lead him down a dark path. It was really gross when she was pulling the darkness out of Maul. And then she created mechanical legs out of just a few pieces of metal? I loved the animation of his eye when he woke up! I liked Maul's legs, they looked pretty cool!

Maul's story was kind of creepy, but it did help to make his surviving a little more believable. Maul had a hard time forcing that lightsaber to him, understandable, but he regained his ability a little to quickly, I think. I knew exactly what was going to happen when they landed and the children ran towards them, it was so sad!

It was funny how everyone got silent when Asajj said she had the bounty for Savage. You could really tell the anguish in Obi-Wan's eyes when he arrived on the planet, just another indicator of good animation. You could also see the hate in Maul's eyes extremely well. His passion was, crazy! Obi-Wan didn't stand a chance against the both of them, sadly. The fact that Asajj came to Obi-Wan's rescue was pretty cool! An awesome seen seeing Asajj jump up into the ship as it took off. Asajj is still as aggravatingly funny as she was when she was on the bad side. Except now it's not as disgusting.

I loved it when Asajj gave Obi-Wan her lightsaber and we got four red blades dueling it out to the end. It made for a very neat looking battle! And I loved it! They all pulled off some incredible moves, making this, in my opinion, the duel of the series, and second only to the duel between Maul and Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in the whole SW universe!!

Although I liked the completely red battle, it was cool when Obi-Wan got his lightsaber back and tossed Asajj's to her just in time! Maul's kicking moves were pretty cool! Although the icing on top of the cake was the ending when the Kenobi and Ventress were escaping and both side seemed to be one force against the other! Seeing Savage and Maul in somewhat of a defeat was a great near ending! And adding Ventress and Kenobi in the same ship not trying to kill each other, it was very nice! I wish either Maul or Savage or both of them would have died in this episode, but I did like the cliff-hangar ending! The thing is, we probably won't continue this story until at least mid-season in Season 5.

Hope you enjoyed all of my reviews for this season! I'm looking forward to being back on my CW reviews when Season 5 starts this fall! I'm hoping to get a review of the entire season up also! Until next time, my friends, MTFBWY!!!


  1. Great review! :) I really liked the episode, it is my second favorite of the season, which episode was your favorite of the season?


    1. Thanks! This was an awesome episode! I'm going to have a season overview up shortly, I'll let you know my favorite in that! ;) This one was probably also my second favorite though!

    2. It was by second favorite also. My favorite was Carnage of Krell. And I will be looking forward to your overview.


  2. Awesome review! I agree with most of it :D