Monday, October 31, 2011

Fan Art, Jack-O-Lanterns!

The pumpkins I carved this year!

Here is a view from a "daylight" perspective!

Individual view of Separatist emblem. This one wasn't my favorite... It was extremely difficult(aka, the hardest one) plus I had to do a little bit of modifications to make it work. It still turned out ok though.

This one's probably my next favorite up the line! First of all, it's the Republic emblem! That's awesome in itself! Second of all, I really like the way it turned out! And it wasn't that difficult!

This is probably my next favorite! I mean, who doesn't love the Sith emblem?!?! Plus I love the way it turned out! This was probably the third most difficult, but it was fun!

These last two are tied for my favorites! Star Wars and the Jedi emblem(which looks even more amazing on a pumpkin!) The Star Wars one was probably the second most difficult, but I'm really surprised at how well it turned out! The Jedi emblem was also a surprise to me! Hope you guys liked 'em!

What do you guys think of my Jack-O-Lanterns for this year? Let me know in the comment box below or on my facebook page! I had so much fun doing these! It took me three days! Hope you like them! Thanks for reading! Until next time MTFBWY!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.7

Darkness on Umbara!

Overview: It was pretty good! Good storyline, pretty good lines, nice battle scenes, an ideal episode.

Characters: Most of the lines and characteristics were done well.
     -Anakin, Rex, Fives, Tup, Dogma, Hardcase, 501st: Anakin was, well, Anakin, haha! He was his awesome self! His lines were pretty good, and they definitely stayed true to his character! Rex was amazing as usual! His lines were pretty cool! Fives was really cool! He had some nice lines! Tup was cool for a rookie! His lines definitely matched that of a rookie! Dogma was cool, his lines were ok! Hardcase was awesome! He's bringing Hevy, in my opinion! The 501st was, in general, great! I loved their loyalty to each other!
     -Obi-Wan, Pong Krell, Umbarans: Obi-Wan was great! His lines were in character and...awesome! Krell was really cool! He was strict, however, in my opinion, this is not the same type of thing as Commander Wolffe. He is just a stickler for rules and not that great at strategic planning. The only line I thought was mean was when he asked the clones if any of the rest of them wanted to play with the animals. The Umbarans were ok. We didn't get to see much of them, but they seemed good at planning attacks anyway.

Disappointments: No major disappointments in this episode! It was "an ideal episode" as I said earlier!

Conclusion: Best episode of the season so far I think! Maybe not the best in the entire series, however, I think this four part series will be the best series in TCW! If not it will be second only to the Geonosis series! I rate this episode 9.5/10!

If you haven't yet seen this episode you can watch it on or! Here, Darkness on Umbara( or Darkness on Umbara(! Watch a preview for next week's episode here, The General preview! (note: videos may not be available in all areas.) Hope you enjoyed this post! Look for my review up next Friday or Saturday! Until next time MTFBWY!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.6

Nomad Droids!
Not extremely excited about it, but it was ok!

Overview: First of all, what a spin-off of ANH! First we see a quote from that movie, then we see a nearly similar attack of the Republic ship as in ANH. I thought that they could have come up with something a little more original. I was doing ok, but then they threw us into a Wizard of Oz scenario! Then I really thought, what a non-original. I'll expound more on these things in the "Disappointments" section of this review.

Characters: The characters were ok.
     -First planet natives, second planet natives, pit droids, pirates: The natives on the first planet were, well, strange, I thought. The second planet natives were pretty funny! Then they threw in the pit droids and it just made that planet! Well we don't see much of the pirates, but from what we do see, they were ok.
     -Plo Koon, Adi Gallia, Gallia's Clones(could someone please remind me of their legion number?), General Grievous: Plo Koon is, awesome, in my opinion! It's sad he didn't get to say much, but I loved his line, "I'm certain Commander Wolffe would love to hear about it!" Adi Gallia, in the few shots she was in was pretty cool. It was sad, cool, and funny all at the same time when she flew by in the background! I loved her expressions at the end! Her clones were cool, but I wish they looked more like they did in Episode III. General Grievous was good at fighting in this ep! However, I felt his lines were weird.

Disappointments: I didn't like that they didn't come up with an original piece. To add onto that, the episode was pretty rushed: starship to planet to planet to starship to starship. I felt they could have left out the first planet and it would have been much better! I realize that this would mess up the Wizard of Oz story line, however, that would have been fine! I thought it was funny when Plo Koon said "Very Good" after Wolffe tells him that Grievous has fled. I thought it was kind of strange when the natives to the second planet walked in and blew themselves up...

Conclusion: I liked the part were R2 figured out the secret of the pit droids! It was funny when 3PO knocked R2 on the "Big Hazu(sorry if that's not spelled right)!" I liked the people of the second planet! They were so dumb, yet so funny! I loved the part were R2 blasts them with the engines! Overall, it was a pretty good episode, not the worst of the season, but not the best either. I rate it a 5.5/10.

If you haven't yet seen this episode you can try these two sites, or! Here, Nomad Droids( or Nomad Droids(! See a preview of tonight's episode here, Darkness on Umbara preview! (note: videos may not be available in all areas.) Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time MTFBWY!

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D!

It's coming! Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is in 3D February 10, 2012! Watch the video here, Episode I in 3D! I can't wait! Hope you enjoyed this post and the video! Until next time, MTFBWY!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fan Art, Darth Maul!

See Darth Maul in Clone Wars next year! Don't miss it! Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm still not in favor of Maul coming back, but I thought I'd do this anyway! I'm probably going to do Krell next week! Until next time MTFBWY!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

100th Facebook Page Liker!

Congratulations to our 100th liker on the facebook page(Elite Squadron FB page, click here!)...Matias Kjolstad! Thanks to everyone who liked the page and helped get it to 100! Thanks especially to Matias who put it right at 100! Hope you like the pic Matias! It's called "Obi-Wan's Vision"(created by me)! Again thanks to everyone! Thanks to Matias! Hope you ejoyed this post! Until next time MTFBWY!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.5

Shadow Warrior!
Pretty cool!

Overview: I felt the plot was good! The shots and animation were amazing! I didn't really like the clones in this episode(I'll explain more later in the review). Most of the lines were pretty cool(key word most though, again I'll explain more in a minute). It was exciting to see more of the Phase II troopers! I thought the locals were so funny!

Characters: As I said before most of the lines were pretty good!
     -C-3PO, R2-D2, Commander Wolffe, Clone Troopers: C-3PO was funny, as always! He always makes me laugh! They definitely stayed true to his character! R2 was also funny! Him and 3PO make the best team! Commander Wolffe was pretty cool as far as outfit and electronic eye go, but I thought he was pretty rude! Someone I know explained to me that the war is just having it's toll on the troopers and this is the way that some clones are dealing with it. However, I still feel that his character in this episode did not accurately depict his character in ANY other episode he's been in. The Wolfpack has a cool design, and it looks even cooler in Phase II! Although, I also thought they were somewhat rude at times. The way I put it was, "You don't have to be rude to someone just because you don't understand their language and culture!"
     -The Aleena, the tree people, Orphne: The Aleena were so funny and cool! I thought they were also very nice! They could be strange at times, but they were pretty cool most of the time. The tree people were strange, and I felt they were a rip-off of the Felucian natives. Most people think Orphne was weird, but I thought she was pretty cool and necessary for the plot.

Disappointments: As a follow up of what I said before, I didn't like some of the lines that were said. Specifically said by the clones. They were not very kind! This isn't a personal disappointment of mine, but my friend said that it would be cooler if they had the earthquakes caused by the Separatists. They would try to cause Orphne to join them and when she refused they would cause the earth quakes. R2 and 3PO would find Orphne and she would tell them why the quakes were happening. They'd get to the surface and tell Wolffe and we'd get to see some Clones fighting Separatist. I personally thought the plot was fine, but that would have been cool too.

Conclusion: I loved this episode! It really made me feel like I was watching the original trilogy! I especially loved the scene toward the beginning when it showed the ships landing on Aleen! It was just breath taking! Now onto what I have to say to those who are sick of these episodes as soon as one comes up... Not everyone is always going to like every episode that Filoni puts out there! However, I feel we need the variety! I like it anyway, but the analogy I've always used is that it's like the weather... if it was always 70 degrees and sunny out, we wouldn't know that was good weather and we'd most likely get bored with it... it's the same way with the episodes, if we always had action packed episodes all the time, we wouldn't know that those were the cool episodes and we would probably get bored with them. And besides, just keep looking forward to Umbara! I give this episode a 8.5/10!

If you haven't yet seen the episode watch it now on here,Mercy Mission! And watch a preview for episode 4.5 here, Nomad Droids preview!(note: videos may not be available in all areas.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fan Art, Commander Wolffe!

First time in a long time that I have had 10 pictures! Hope you enjoyed! A special shout-out to Ruari Williamson(of the Separatist Destroyers Blog)who really likes Commander Wolffe! A few of these pictures express what he has been explaining to me in defense of Commander Wolffe's last appearance where I thought he was somewhat rude. Thanks Rauri for explaining this to me! Hope you especially enjoyed this post! By the way, I plan to have the review of this past week's CW episode up tomorrow! I'll be posting the review of this week's episode hopefully Saturday! Until then MTFBWY!

Darth Maul will return in Season Four...

Darth Maul Lives, click here.
So Dave Filoni has made up his mind on this matter, Darth Maul will return in Season Four this spring(click the link below the video to see preview). I, myself, am not to happy about this, and I know others agree with me, though some are excited for this, it just doesn't seem right. Darth Maul was supposed to die on Naboo. The comics that said he survived are non-canon, and, as far as I can tell Filoni intends to keep that that way. Apparently Dave seems to be taking the credit for something George told him to do though... “I found it funny in The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul got cut in half," says Dave Filoni. “I thought George was definitively saying to the fans, ‘There’s no way this character is coming back. This is not a Boba Fett/Sarlacc Pit situation where, because of fan love, Boba gets out of that thing any number of ways.’ Fast-forward ten-years, and I’m the one to bring Maul back.” HE is bringing Maul back? George Lucas gave the order... Aside from that though, I truly do hope Maul is a ghost, though it doesn't look to be that way. Sorry, George and Dave, but I just don't agree with you on this one! Let me know of your thoughts in the comment box below, or on my facebook page, Elite Squadron. Until next time, MTFBWY!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Five Month Anniversary!

Hey everyone Friday was our five month anniversary! Also, right about that time we reached 5 digits in our amount of views(10,000)! Thanks guys so much for being such loyal fans! Next month is our half-year anniversary! Can we reach 6 digit views by then? Thanks for reading! Until next time MTFBWY!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.4

Shadow Warrior!
Impressive! Great quality as always!

Overview: The plot of the episode was really good! The whole mind controlling necklace was interesting(in a good way)! They have definitely improved with each episode this season in my point of view! Which I'm happy and sad about: happy because I'm glad to see these better episodes, but sad because I wish they could have made the first episodes better. I don't like Boss Lyonie being in there because Boss Nass is in Episode III. I loved some of the reactions of the characters! They were often pretty well thought out! Really pleased with this episode!

Characters: The characters were done spectacularly in this episode! They stayed true to character for the most part!
     -Jar Jar Binks, Boss Lyonie, Tarpals, Minister Rish Loo, Gungans: Jar Jar was, well, himself, haha. Jar Jar was funny as always, but thankfully it wasn't overdone! Boss Lyonie, as I mentioned before, shouldn't be in the series, but since he's there... I felt he was ok, I don't have much to compare him to, but I feel he was better in this episode than Gungan Attack. Tarpals was awesome! I was sad he died, but his line took my breath away!  Minister Rish wasn't anything special, just another pawn of the Separatist only there because he was necessary to the plot. The Gungans were fine, they weren't great, but that's just because they didn't get much action.
     -Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala: Anakin was pretty good, but I was unhappy with the fact that he didn't just force pull Rish instead of falling into the trap, but I guess they had to get him into the trap somehow. I really liked how they showed that even the Chosen One isn't all powerful! Padme was pretty cool, I liked her outfit, her lines were fine.
     -General Grievous, Count Dooku: I was excited to see a different side to General Grievous! I didn't think they portrayed him as weak in his fight against the Gungans as I've heard some people say. Not everyone can take on every opposition! Count Dooku was cool, still his own self causing pain by sending electrical pulsed and lightsaber blades into enemies AND friends.

Disappointments: The only disappointment that I haven't mentioned yet, is that I'm still not sure how they pulled off the canonocity of this episode in a few ways... Boss Lyonie and Grievous and Anakin not meeting until Episode III. The Lyonie one is just not canon, although the reason they did this was because of Jar Jar disguising as him. I still don't know how they pulled off the Grievous and Anakin meeting one.

Conclusion: Very pleased with this episode all except the boarder lining on non-canon. Again I can't wait to see more episodes like this! This episode is rated 8/10 by me! See a preview of next week's episode here, Mercy Mission preview! Sorry for not getting this post up until now, I have had a somewhat busy week this past week so. Thanks for reading! Until next time MTFBWY!

If you haven't yet seen this episode, watch it now on here, Shadow Warrior!(note: video may not be available in all areas.)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Star Wars Talk Show!

Check out episode 8 of the Star Wars Talk Show as he interviews ME about Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray! Star Wars Talk Show 8 - Star Wars Blu-Rays, click here! Enjoy our thoughts on the Blu-Ray release! Please don't be offended by anything we say, and feel free to leave a comment on either this post or Star Wars Talk Show's post about what YOU think! Thanks for reading! Until next time MTFBWY!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Review! Episode III

Overview: I think this was a really good one! The quality was the best yet! I'm still loving the Blu-Ray release!

Likes: I loved the HD again! The battle scenes where just incredible in Hi-Def! The areal shots on Coruscant and Mustafar were incredible again! I'm not sure if they added more, but it was really great! I loved the battle scene at the beginning! That scene was outstanding in High Definition! Again the art that encases the disc is incredible!

Dislikes: Still no dislikes in the movies yet!

Bonus Features: Again, just the commentaries.

Conclusion: Still extremely satisfied with the Blu-Ray release! Can't wait to watch the next episodes! Hope you enjoyed this review, and maybe it helped you with your decision on whether to buy this! If you haven't read my review of Episode II yet, click here! Look for my reviews of Episodes IV-VI next week! Until then MTFBWY!