Saturday, October 27, 2012

Catching Up!

Well, I haven't been very active, as most of you probably know,
but I'm starting to get caught up with everything!
Just today I organized all of the posts into their proper pages.
Next will come my catch up on the reviews.
I'm pretty sure I'll be adding one for Revival, and then another
for the entire Onderon series.
Thanks for still staying loyal everyone!
Also, for any of you who like model car building or photography,
check out my new blog, Models and Photography!
These are two of my favorite hobbies and I can't wait to get started
with sharing them with all of you!
And be sure to check out the Facebook page, too!
Well, until next time, MTFBWY! :)


  1. Looking forward to the Clone Wars reviews. Especially the Onderon story arc. :)