Saturday, March 3, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.19

Massacre! I'm very excited about this one!

I'm not really sure about the quote. I thought they it was a little strange that the Nightsisters weren't as ready as they were before for someone's arrival, I wish they would have been... I was glad to hear that Ventress was leaving her "Sith" ways. I loved the scene as the Separatist leave to battle in the carriers, it was very good animation-wise, and it was a breath-taking scene! Some new ships have been added to the line of the Separatists, I probably just didn't notice them myself yet, though, haha.

The start of the battle was cool. It's kinda of funny that wherever Grievous can customize an area he will be in a lot, he makes it dark and green. Anyone else ever notice that? I have been cheering for Grievous since the news came that he and Ventress would battle, but hardly even half we through I shifted almost completely to Ventress's side. I thought that made it a very good story line that they carried the emotion strongly enough for me to change my emotional thinking half way through an episode!

Talzin's ball of defense and attack was really cool! I love the moves both Ventress and her sisters pull off in this episode! It's kinda strange that the Separatists tested this weapon back in Season One and now they are finally using it. When I watched this episode, I watched it with my nephew, and we were looking at each other like, "Zombies, again?! Awesome!!!!" haha. And then all of the sudden they all come running, and they just smash through the whole crowd of enemies! And Ventress steals a tank and blows up the other tank.

I'm not really a fan of the witches in Star Wars, just because I don't like the topic of witches, but the scene with Dooku was pretty cool. The duel between Grievous and Ventress was very well done! Then all the zombies run and jump on Grievous as Ventress gets away, could've figured something like that would happen... But I mean, you had to know it, cause both of them survive at least to the end of the Clone Wars.

Grievous and his army marching toward the cave was a cool scene! They really have been showing off their abilities in animation this season! The part where Talzin comes out of Dooku was, disturbing, haha. It was sad when the zombies dropped and the last of the Nightsisters were destroyed... Then Dooku threw up green mist, thought that was a little strange... The emotional scene between Ventress and Talzin was so gripping, and it even brought me further into becoming a fan of Ventress's.

Overall, the episode was very well done in all aspects, action, suspense, emotion, and story line! My thinking about Ventress has changed greatly with just one episode! I'm also glad that the rumor of a four part arc finale wasn't true, I think they had one too many this season already... Until next time, MTFBWY!


  1. Glad you liked it! Alot of people didn't, but I thought it was awesome!

    1. Honestly, I had to keep checking myself to be unbiased while writing this one because I'm not a fan of the witch stuff, but the episode in general was great!

    2. I like Magic and Harry Potter, but then I like sci-fi more. I don't rlly love dark magic but then it's okay here :)