Sunday, July 27, 2014

Star Wars the Clone Wars 24 Week Plan

Week 17!! 

This Week's Episodes:
A War on Two Fronts
Front Runners
The Soft War
Tipping Points

So, I'm still not happy about Maul coming back necessarily;
but I do now realize that it is canon, and I enjoy these episodes.
My favorite part is definitely when Kenobi and Ventress work together though.
It was just too awesome! Haha
All around though, the episodes were really well made.
The story and character development were great.
It would seem that the first half of most seasons were not quite too par with
any of the second halves.
Although I enjoyed the Onderon ARC, it held with this pattern.
It was a good ARC as a whole, but some of the lines were a little corny.
I still enjoy the episodes though.

That's all for this week!
Check back next weekend for the next episodes!
Until next time, MTFBWY!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Star Wars the Clone Wars 24 Week Plan

Week 16!! 

This Week's Episodes:
Friends and Enemies
The Box
Crisis on Naboo

This is such a great line up of episodes!
First of, one of the better four-part-arcs 
with Cad Bane, Obi-Wan in disguise, a bounty hunter showdown, 
and so many other awesome things! Haha
And then two of my favorite episodes of the series.
Before these two episodes I really wanted Ventress to die...
But, by the end of Massacre, I was glad she didn't,
And by the end of Bounty, she became one of my favorite characters!
I mean, how much better of story telling can there be 
than to change someone from your least favorite character 
to your one of you favorite characters in just two episodes?! Haha

So excited to be continuing the plan!
Hope you guys are still enjoying it as well!
Check back next weekend for the next episodes

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Star Wars the Clone Wars 24 Week Plan

Week 15 of the plan!
So, I decided to postpone the plan a few weeks
since I was getting ready to go out of town, out of town,
and then the Fourth of July holiday.
So here we are starting back up again this week!

This Week's Episodes:
Slaves of the Republic
Escape from Kadavo
A Friend in Need

I really love these episodes!
The Kidnapped ARC takes us to a place in Star Wars 
that we haven't really been before: slavery.
We've seen slaves in Star Wars, but we haven't really explored the subject much.
I thought these episodes did a really good job of showing 
how the Republic tried to keep it outlawed, 
how Palpatine clearly built his empire through slaves, 
and how the Zygerrians operate.
Not to mention the awesome for-shadowing of Episode VI!
And of course I love A Friend in Need!
Ahsoka, Luxsoka, a winter planet, and Death Watch.
That's all I have to say!

So, yeah, sorry about my absence!
I just haven't had the time recently.
But it's business as usual now, 
so check back next week for the next episodes!
Until next time, MTFBWY!