Saturday, February 4, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.17

The Box! One of my favorite episodes... of the series!

The quote at the beginning was interesting. I like the sense of ruthlessness that continues throughout the entire episode. It kinda funny how Hardeen copies everything Bane does almost. And we got our Episode VI reference now!(Yoda and Anakin's talk) I love Cad's hat! Haha "What are you looking at? It's a nice hat!" haha

The box was huge! It's surprising how much money one side will spend to defeat the other! How rule in the box, there are no rules, though Moralo seems to create some rules along the way... I love how Obi-Wan just saves everybody. Sorry, but I have to say this, I love Embo! The second challenge was very interesting, mesmerizing, and confusing! In other words, pretty cool! It's cool how they had the slow motion with suspenseful music, but I wish it was for one of the well known characters and lasted longer.

The third challenge was nerve racking! It really got good in this challenge when he said it was a 50/50 chance the serum would work, and the music was perfect during this part! It was funny when Obi said he killed Parwans. I love tension between evil leaders in episodes! It really shows why good guys win most of the time, because the bad guys are always against each other, just waiting for one little thing to make them all fall apart.

The sniper challenge was very intense! When the two targets popped up I was worried, and then he ran out of ammunition and I was really worried, and then the platform started to drop and (not because I was worried Obi-Wan would die, he's obviously not going to, but because I was wondering how he would be saved) I was extremely worried! It's a very good episode when they can make you worried for a character you know is going to live! I actually wasn't really surprised when Bane saved Hardeen. Although I did smile and congratulate Bane!

I really love Obi-Wan a whole lot more because of these episodes! We've seen a much cooler (for lack of a better word) side of him! I yelled "yes!" in my head when Ben threw the helmet off at Moralo, it's a lot more amazing when you can see people's faces in a fight! I'm so jealous of the bounty hunters, though...they only have to wait one day...we have to wait a whole week! Not fair! Haha

Overall, it was a great episode! It's definitely one of my favorites for suspense, characters, plot line, cool battle grounds(the box), and surprise endings! By the way, I have been forgetting to rate the episodes from 1-10 in my reviews... I rate this one a 10/10! I can't wait to see the last episode of this arc! I think this might be measuring up to the other two four part arcs, it might not pass either of them up, but it will probably only be behind by a tiny bit! Until next time, MTFBWY!


  1. The reviews I have read have been mixed. Some didn't like it and others like me LOVED it!!! I am glad that you also liked it. This one of my favorite episodes so far. Ecellent review. Can I add the link to your review on my "Second Options" part of my review?


    1. I haven't been reading anybody else's reviews on this episode yet, but most of the comments on the Season 4 page on facebook have been good. I'm surprised to hear that some people don't like it. I too think this is one of my favorites! Thank you! Do you mean "Second Opinions?" If so, yeah sure!

    2. Yes, that is what I meant to said. It was a typo. While I haven't seen anyone who hate the episode about half gave it a score around 7 and the other half like me, you and a few other guys gave it 9 or higher.


    3. Oh, ok, then yeah sure, go ahead! I actually saw someone yesterday with a 5! I couldn't believe it.