Monday, June 11, 2012

Upcoming Elite Art Contest!

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to do one of these for a while now! And now that the summer's coming, I can't wait to get started! In this post I'll tell you about how you can enter, and what you can enter!


I decided to put categories into this art contest to give different styles of art a better chance at winning something! There will be two main categories with three subcategories each.

The first main category is "Saga/CW." This category will include pictures from the saga(episodes I-VI) and pictures from the CW(both the old and new). The first subcategory is "Traditional." This includes any hand drawn pictures(not including those drawn or colored on the computer). Next we will have "Coloring." This will be any picture that has been colored(if drawn, then colored, it will go into the "Traditional" subcategory/does not include those colored on the computer). Next comes "Digital." This will involve anything done digitally: Digital edits of photos, pictures taken with a camera, or screenshots.

The next main category is "EU/Fan-fic." This category will include pictures from the Expanded Universe(anything other than the saga or Clone Wars) and those from your own fan-fics(stories/characters that you have made up). The subcategories are the same for this main category: "Traditional," "Coloring," and "Digital." The same as above applies to these.

There will be a prize for each subcategory. From those 6 winners, there will be a Grand Champion, and Reserve Grand Champion chosen by special guest judges(there will hopefully be three, and I will serve as a tie breaker, if needed)! The prize for "Saga/CW"-"Traditional" will be a special drawing of the Saga/Clone Wars(person to draw this not yet decided)! The prize for "Saga/CW"-"Coloring" will be a coloring page never seen before! And the prize for "Saga/CW"-"Digital" will be a digital wallpaper done specially for you! The same prizes will be given for the subcategories of the "EU/Fan-fic" category! The Grand and Reserve Grand Champions will receive a photo edited by me! Note: These prizes are to be for your personal use only, you may not put them on the Internet. There are also as a special screening of a movie, only a certain amount of people will see it at first, but later down the road it may be opened up to anyone who wants to see them!(the coloring pages may be posted online only after you have colored them.)


The most important rule is that we have no inappropriate content in the photos submitted. All photos must be submitted before Friday, July 27th, 11:59 P.M. EST. Any photos submitted after this time will not be accepted. All photos must be Star Wars related. It is not required that you provide a way for you to receive pictures with your entry, but in order to win the prizes, you need to give us that information.

Terms and Conditions:
I reserve the right to prohibit an entry if I see fit. I also reserve the right to remove any photo from the contest if I see fit. If a photo is entered that is inappropriate, there is a possibility that any other entry of yours will automatically be ignored and not allowed into the contest. This depending on certain factors. I reserve the right to put a picture into whatever category I see fit, based on the looks of the picture, and the information given to me upon submission.

How to Enter:
You may enter your photos by posting your photo to my facebook page or messaging you photo to my facebook page. You can also send me a link to your picture online through YouTube. You can also post a link to you picture(s) in the comment box below! Include your name(not required), if you do not want you name used, put "no use of name" here instead, some way of receiving your photo prize where no one else will see it(required in order to earn prize, otherwise not required), and brief description of your photo(what it is specifically, things used, and process).

Other Information:
Once I have received your entry, I will save the information you have given me to a document and the picture(s) to my computer. After that I will reply to your entry saying, "Your entry was successfully received and you are entered into the contest." I will also tell you what category your photo will be in and why. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours of sending your original entry, you may try again. If you are posting your photo to my facebook page, I will go through the same process and also reply by commenting on your photo. Please answer back to let me know you received the confirmation of entry, whichever form of entry you used.(If I have decided not to permit your entry I will reply saying "We are very sorry, but your entry cannot be entered into the art contest due to (insert reason here)") There will be a minimum of 10 pictures in each subcategory, I am flexible with this, but that is the goal. You may enter as many pictures as you like.

You may enter your photos from now until the date listed above. Thanks for reading! MTFBWY!


  1. I will possibly have more ways to enter later, but this is it for now.

  2. so awesome. so going to have to scan my drawings. yay. i got a ton. sort of. lol. :)


    1. If you have your pictures anywhere on the internet you could post the link to them here on this post. Or if you have youtube you could message the links to me. I hope you will be able to enter! As I said above, I'm working on more ways soon!

  4. Ooh awesome! I have done plenty of Star Wars stuff that I am sooo gonna include in here (: Oh yes... can there be partners? :D Pls reply soon :)))

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by partners.

    2. I mean, can we work with another person and, ya know, do the work together? :)

    3. I guess you could do that, but you would each be getting the prize.