Saturday, October 22, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.5

Shadow Warrior!
Pretty cool!

Overview: I felt the plot was good! The shots and animation were amazing! I didn't really like the clones in this episode(I'll explain more later in the review). Most of the lines were pretty cool(key word most though, again I'll explain more in a minute). It was exciting to see more of the Phase II troopers! I thought the locals were so funny!

Characters: As I said before most of the lines were pretty good!
     -C-3PO, R2-D2, Commander Wolffe, Clone Troopers: C-3PO was funny, as always! He always makes me laugh! They definitely stayed true to his character! R2 was also funny! Him and 3PO make the best team! Commander Wolffe was pretty cool as far as outfit and electronic eye go, but I thought he was pretty rude! Someone I know explained to me that the war is just having it's toll on the troopers and this is the way that some clones are dealing with it. However, I still feel that his character in this episode did not accurately depict his character in ANY other episode he's been in. The Wolfpack has a cool design, and it looks even cooler in Phase II! Although, I also thought they were somewhat rude at times. The way I put it was, "You don't have to be rude to someone just because you don't understand their language and culture!"
     -The Aleena, the tree people, Orphne: The Aleena were so funny and cool! I thought they were also very nice! They could be strange at times, but they were pretty cool most of the time. The tree people were strange, and I felt they were a rip-off of the Felucian natives. Most people think Orphne was weird, but I thought she was pretty cool and necessary for the plot.

Disappointments: As a follow up of what I said before, I didn't like some of the lines that were said. Specifically said by the clones. They were not very kind! This isn't a personal disappointment of mine, but my friend said that it would be cooler if they had the earthquakes caused by the Separatists. They would try to cause Orphne to join them and when she refused they would cause the earth quakes. R2 and 3PO would find Orphne and she would tell them why the quakes were happening. They'd get to the surface and tell Wolffe and we'd get to see some Clones fighting Separatist. I personally thought the plot was fine, but that would have been cool too.

Conclusion: I loved this episode! It really made me feel like I was watching the original trilogy! I especially loved the scene toward the beginning when it showed the ships landing on Aleen! It was just breath taking! Now onto what I have to say to those who are sick of these episodes as soon as one comes up... Not everyone is always going to like every episode that Filoni puts out there! However, I feel we need the variety! I like it anyway, but the analogy I've always used is that it's like the weather... if it was always 70 degrees and sunny out, we wouldn't know that was good weather and we'd most likely get bored with it... it's the same way with the episodes, if we always had action packed episodes all the time, we wouldn't know that those were the cool episodes and we would probably get bored with them. And besides, just keep looking forward to Umbara! I give this episode a 8.5/10!

If you haven't yet seen the episode watch it now on here,Mercy Mission! And watch a preview for episode 4.5 here, Nomad Droids preview!(note: videos may not be available in all areas.)

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