Sunday, September 9, 2012

Could Season 5 of Star Wars the Clone Wars be the end?

I know Season 6 was confirmed, but could this season, be the last?
When the new date and time were released this year,
two thoughts popped into my mind:
And then, "Either they're going down the drain, or they're about to be."
And now I found this . . .
Star Wars - The Clone Wars line, will it ever be picked up again?

Hasbro and JTA didn't really understand this question. The Clone Wars line will continue to see a decrease. They'd like to move the line completely into realistic style eventually once The Clone Wars TV show ends (which is inevitable at this point). The Clone Wars has been changed to the Saturday at 9:30 AM death slot this season. In fact, per our friends at, Arnie told us that Season 5 is being written in story arcs so that the show can be closed without any cliff hangers out of fear that there may be a mid season cancellation. It goes without saying that the toy line will be affected by this.
This website(click here) runs a Q&A from the collectors to Hasbro.
When asked the question above, they gave that answer . . .
I hope they will not be ending the series now, but, "I have a bad feeling about this . . ."


  1. I thought the same thing after finding out the new time. The series is getting darker and more mature every season and this coming season is looking even darker, so why would they change the time as if it was a Saturday morning cartoon!? It does not make any sense at all! The series is better than most shows on TV right now.


    1. At first this thought only slightly crossed my mind, I was focusing more on, Seriously guys?! Why did you have to go change my Friday night weekend kick-off to a Saturday morning cartoon?! But now, I am realizing that this may not be their fault...

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    1. Totally in agreement with you there...

  3. it has to connect to EPISODE III ROTS. i hope they somehow kidnap Chancellor Palpatine in TCW S6. i really doubt it too it won't end. i believe all of us has a terrible feeling about this.

    1. Well, they have already started recording for S6, and they have been writing S7 already, but it has happened in the past that shows have to be cancelled for some reason, maybe before they get through the full story. It, sadly, would seem as if they are preparing for such a time as that. :/ However, if the show survives, I don't think it is planned to end anytime soon.

  4. Honestly, I dont think a mid-series cancelation will happen. Not only would it be a major loss to cartoon network, who tbh probably changed the time slot, not the CW crew, but a set back and embarrassmemt for Lucasfilm. If anything were to be changed mid season, maybe it would be networks. Perhaps they might break away from Cartoon Network? Hmmm I really dont know but I'll definitely be doing my reasearch and blogging about this soon.

    Fangirl in the Force,
    Lillian Skye

    1. I agree that it was probably CN, but that just gives more reason to worry. If TCW creators didn't do this, then they were forced to do something they didn't want... Also, a mid-season cancellation is general some that's unavoidable.