Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun with lightsabers!

You might be saying, "Wait a second! That doesn't look right!" Well you're right, it isn't right! Today I'm going to show you what different characters look like with different colored lightsabers!

First up, Ahsoka Tano with blue lightsabers! This is actually not a bad look for her, but as most would agree, green suits her better!

Next, Ahsoka with purple. I think that both the blue and green look better on her than purple, but it actually looks pretty cool!

Mace Windu with blue. Sorry, I couldn't get a ful frame of him with his real outfit.

Mace with green. This one looks pretty cool for him! Actually, at first, Mace Windu had one of these colors for a lightsaber, but the actor who played him requested a purple one! I can't remember which color it was though.

As most of you are probably thinking right now, "Purple does not fit you Obi-wan!" I don't really think this looks good for him either, but if it had to be done, it would be ok.

Obi-wan with green actually doesn't look that bad! I actually like it a lot!

Now after doing Anakin's lightsabers I'm thinking that he could pull off just about any color! We have all seen Anakin with a green lightsaber before and he looks pretty good!

Now most of you were probably thinking before you got to Anakin with purple that he wouldn't do well with it, but, even though it's more of a Mace Windu color, you have to admit it matched his outfit and would look ok with him!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing what certain characters look like with different colored lightsabers as much as I did! If you have a request for a certain character's lightsaber let me know! And if you have a certain picture for that character that you'd like for me to do you can upload it to Elite Squadron's Facebook page...!/pages/Elite-Squadron/172284636161612

Thanks for reading!

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