Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fan Art: Ahsoka's Fate

Here's a Special Edition Fan Art of Ahsoka Tano!
The FA here covers much of Ahsoka's life, all contributing to her fate.
This post is also in anticipation of Season 5, which premiers a week from today!
It has been said that this will be a big year for Ahsoka, so what do you think will happen?
In the comment box bellow, please share your opinion of what will happen to Ahsoka!
In Season 5, and in the entire scheme of things!
Here's my opinion: I believe that Ahsoka will survive Season 5. However, I think she will release some things this season, about her destiny, her master, the Republic, Lux. Little seeds, which, I believe, will lead her to leave the Republic, eventually, and run away with Lux. This is how I believe she will be able to survive(maybe Rex goes with her too). Although, she could stay with the Republic and it would make sense for her not to be in Episode III, is Barriss with Luminara on Felucia? No, in fact she's not in the movie at all, however, she is alive during that time. I believe then that it's possible she could just be separated from her master during that time period. However, to continue, I think(and really hope) that through my idea, or some other way, she will survive Order 66 and start her own Rebellion(therefore bringing us smoothly into the live action show, said to take place between Ep. III and IV). Well, that's my idea. Please feel free to share yours in the comment box below! I'll be sharing your thoughts in a special post next Friday! Until then, MTFBWY!