Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fan Art/Edits

Hey guys, sorry I've been kind of inactive since the last 24 Week Plan post... But I'm back and I'm here to breathe new life into this blog. I'm going to be doing Fan Art/Edits like this from now on! Don't worry, I'll still do one or two of the other kind every once and a while, but those are really time consuming, so I can't do them very often. These are a lot easier to do, so I can do them more often! I hope you guys will all enjoy them! And also, if you notice, they are watermarked to my instagram account, so please go follow me if you have one! And if you don't have one, then get one!! haha, seriously though, there is an amazing star wars community on there! I highly recommend it!!

Well, thank you for reading!! Until next time, MTFBWY!

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