Friday, June 17, 2011

Recommended Sites!

This is just a list of recommended sites that I love visiting!

The first site that I recommend you check out is you can find everything Star Wars at this site! It is where I get most of my information for my blog! They have lots of different neat things to check out! Latest videos, full length Clone Wars episodes, how to draw, character information, etc. Overall, great site to visit!

Another site I love, this one on facebook, is Star wars: The clone wars Season 4! This facebook page has lots of information about Season 4! The owner also gives toy/collector updates, and has lots of fun games that he's made up! I love this facebook page and don't know what I'd do without it!

Another page is my facebook page for this blog, Elite Squadron! Here I post all of my blog post as well as extra content and previews for Fan Art posts!

The page that gave me the idea for fan art, and that has really helped me with it is Secrets of the Force! He has much of the same things I have here on this blog, reviews, Fan Art, episode guides, etc. I love this blog a lot! He also has a facebook page for his blog, Secrets of the Force!

The next page that I'm going to share with you is one of my favorites! The page owner of Separatist Destroyers writes amazing stories about the Clone Wars! He has writen 13 stories so far and continues to write them! I love to read his stories and can't wait to see more! Separatist Destroyers, this is his facebook page.

Another really cool page is! Here you can read Lego comics, watch Lego videos, play Lego games, etc. It's a really fun page for all things Lego Star Wars!

A very awesome YouTube user is Davey647Returns! He make really awesome re-mix videos of Star Wars! I love his videos and can't wait for him to make more! He also has a facebook page Davey647!

And I can't forget the most awesome online game ever! is one of my favorite video games! I love this game!

A large list of facebook pages exist for the characters, episodes, movies, games, etc. You can see all of my recommended facebook pages on my blog's facebook page. just click "See All" where my page's likes are to see all of them. Once I find a new cool page I like it!

Hope you all can find sites you like out of this post!

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