Friday, January 20, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.15

Deception! I liked it alot!

Interesting quote at the beginning... I like this new characters we meet in this episode! Anakin and Ahsoka have the best lines! Haha Even though I knew in advance that Obi-Wan wasn't dying, it still had me worried! That just goes to show the good suspense the show has been able to portray in this episode! The funeral scene was nicely done! I wonder how they're going to get all of that hair to grow back before the end of the war, haha. This guy Moralo Eval (sorry if I spelled that wrong, I haven't seen a spelling of his name yet) is really ruthless!

Obi-Wan looked so much younger without all of his hair... The technology in this episode is crazy cool! And a little grouse at times, haha! Raco's reaction to Obi-Wan was sooo hilarious, haha! It was awesome when Mace put Raco to sleep through the Force! I wasn't even sure if that was possible!

Anakin really scared me for a minute there! I love the way they are developing his character in preparation for Episode III though! I was surprised to see Obi-Wan do that to the shark guy, I forget what they are called. Although it was a pretty good line! He had a lot of pretty good lines in this ep! I thought, ut-oh, when he said that about the cell not being big enough for all of them. It was funny how quickly Obi-Wan got his prison mates to fear him!

I wish Boba and Bossk would've been a bigger parts I the episode! They made Boba look to old for his age though. Boss's was awesome, and the prison riot was awesome! I instantly got Bane's plan though. Well the basics anyway. I think it's strange that the two others didn't find it strange that Obi-Wan said it would take some time to get the door open, and yet it only took him a matter of seconds... I was wondering if Kenobi would actually shoot that guy... I can only imagine how sad it must have been for him to watch people needlessly die like that. Especially when he could have protected them! I liked the somewhat cliff-hangar ending!

Overall, very good episode! This season is really turning out to be pretty good! And, with only 7 episodes left, I can only imagine what they have in store for us!!! Until next time, MTFBWY!


  1. Really great review! I too enjoyed the episode. Seeing my favorite character go undercover as a bounty hunter was cool(I'd been looking forward to this episode for awhile) since it showed how good of an actor he is.
    Looking forward to the next three episodes of this arc. :)

    1. Thanks! It was very cool to see Obi-Wan go undercover! He had some really cool "bad-guy" terms (as I said in the review) !

  2. Great reivew. This episode was very impressive. I liked it a lot.


    1. Thanks! And yeah, it was pretty impressive!