Monday, May 20, 2013

My 24 Week Plan to watch all of the Star Wars the Clone Wars episodes!

Sorry for being late on this! But I wasn't able to get on the past couple of days...

Anyway, I had a great time again watching what most people consider the best Season Premier of them all! My personal favorite it Season Two's premier, but this one is definitely a close second!
This week's episodes: Clone Cadets, Rookies, ARC Troopers, Supply Lines, and Sphere of Influence!

As you can see, we've reached again the time where I start inputting episodes from past season that go along with the episodes now(in this case, Rookies). This ARC of the Domino squad is definitely a memorable one! I had a lot of fun watching it again! The animation for these was really incredible! Though it is controversial that Supply Lines is called a prequel episode to the Ryloth ARC in Season 1(due to the fact that the freedom fighters were reluctant to join the Republic forces in the last episode of the ARC, and yet, they are magically fighting with the Republic before this? I would gladly welcome explanation to that if anyone has it?) I personally love Supply Lines! It was an incredible episode with a smooth and logical mixture of everything Star Wars is! War, sacrifice, and laughter! Not to mention great animation and story line! Last, but certainly not least is Sphere of Influence! I really love this episode! It has many of my favorite things: Ahsoka, Riyo Chuchi, and senators getting into the fight! I am also still convinced that Greedo was old enough during TCW to appear in this episode, but, others may disagree...

Well, I had a lot of fun re watching these episodes! Check back again this Friday for the next episodes in the plan!!(: Until next time, MTFBWY!

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