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Star Wars the Clone Wars 24 Week Plan

Week 3 already!
This plan has already renewed my interest in The Clone Wars(and Star Wars in general)!
I'm sorry to say I actually got a little disinterested with Star Wars without anything new really going on for such a long time... :/ But now I seriously can't wait for each Friday when I get to share these episodes with you and watch them!


  • This episode aired on October 24, 2008 and sparked what is probably the biggest sub-fandom of the Clone Wars(if that's a thing, haha) as it followed the well known Domino squad in their mission to protect the Rishi Moon outpost.  It is the fifth episode of Season One and the ninth episode in the complete story.  Although some of the squad might consider this post to be more than a little boring, they are in for a big adventure when a Separatist fleet attacks the post.  They will have to fight to let the Republic know of their troubles, or die trying. . .
  • Written by Steven Melching
  • Directed by Justin Ridge
  • During the beginning of the episode a DJ dedicates a song to the clone troopers on Mimban which is a planet explored in the 1978 novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye.
  • Who couldn't love this episode? It comes with all of the greatest things the Clone Wars has to offer: action, heroics, sacrifice, and explosions, haha.  While the show was still in its early stages they still managed to produce a great episode with characters we would love and remember long after.

Downfall of a Droid:

  • This sixth episode of Season One comes in as number ten in the order of the story.  It aired on November 7, 2008.  Following an encounter in space with General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano must search for R2-D2 who mysteriously went missing during the fight.  Despite the fact of Anakin's attachment to the droid, Artoo is also carrying sensitive information that could harm the Republic if it fell into the wrong hands.  In "Artooy's" absence, Anakin is forced to get a replacement astromech, R3-S6, but it seems the new droid is a little slow.  Time is running out for the Jedi to find the missing droid before General Grievous does.
  • Written by George Krstic
  • Directed by Rob Coleman
  • R3's black-and-gold color was a tribute to Davi Filoni's hometown of Pittsburgh, whose football team wears the colors.
  • I personally really love this episode.  The beginning battle is incredibly interesting, and Anakin's tactics always prove to be amusing!  It's great to see R2 in some action of his own too.  I also really loved R3-S6, but sadly that kinda fell flat. . . haha

Duel of the Droids:

  • Being the next episode both in Season One and chronological order, this episode aired on November 14, 2008 and continues the story of the search for R2.  It seems he has led the Jedi to a secret Separatist listening post the Republic has been looking for.  Anakin is instructed to destroy the post despite Artoo being on it.  Anakin, however, goes against Obi-Wan's wishes and searches for his partner, leaving the mission of destroying the base to his padawan and clones.  Grievous intends not to allow this and creates many obstacles for the crew, including an unexpected traitor.
  • Written by Kevin Campbell and Henry Gilroy
  • Directed by Rob Coleman
  • The seats in Gha Nachkt's freighter, the Vulture's Claw, are actually very similar to those in the Millennium Falcon.
  • This is actually one of my favorite episodes of Season One and really the entire series.  One reason I love it so much is because of how many times Anakin and Grievous come so close to one another, but never meet until Episode III.  This is only the first of many of those instances and you barely even notice the connection until you think about it again later.  Also, the combat and design in these episodes was great!  It was also pretty interesting as a child to watch R3 being a traitor, although I wasn't very happy about it. . .  I had the same optimistic view as Ahsoka.

Bombad Jedi:

  • The next episode in Season One and the story line aired on November 21, 2008.  Here we see more of the political and comical side of the Clone Wars as Padme Amidala travels with Jar Jar Binks to Rodia to negotiate a relief effort with one of her oldest friends Senator Onaconda Farr.  He, however, has betrayed her and sided with Nute Gunray.  Padme is taken prisoner and Jar Jar and 3PO are forced to fend for themselves and hope to save the senator.
  • Written by Kevin Rubio, Henry Gilroy, and Steven Melching
  • Directed by Jesse Yeh
  • The sea monster seen in this episode is modeled after an unused concept design by Ralph McQuarrie for a swamp monster inhabiting Dagobah.
  • Many people don't like this episode because they don't like Jar Jar.  I like all Clone Wars episodes though, and I enjoyed the comedy in this one.

Cloak of Darkness:

  • After Padme and Jar Jar capture Nute Gunray on Rodia, he is sent with Master Luminara Unduli and Ahsoka Tano to be transported to Coruscant to be tried for his crimes in the next episode which aired on December 5, 2008.  It would soon appear that Nute Gunray is even more important than previously thought as Asajj Ventress is sent to rescue him.  Luminara, however, underestimates the assassin and is nearly overwhelmed by her, but Ahsoka comes just in time.  The diversion was just what the sith apprentice needed for her inside man to retrieve the Viceroy and escape.
  • Written by Paul Dini
  • Directed by Dave Filoni
  • Gree took his name as an allusion to his interest in alien species such as the Gree, an ancient species living in the Outer Rim.
  • One thing I really liked about this episode was seeing masters and padawans working with other Jedi than their usual counterparts.  The traitor bit was getting a little old though; but it did give us more insight into the minds of those working for the Grand Republic.

Lair of Grievous:

  • When Ventress manages to escape with Gunray, the two are "foolish" enough to use a Republic ship, which can be tracked.  In the next episode, airing on December 12, 2008, Jedi Master Kit Fisto and his former padawan Nahdar Vebb are tasked with tracking down the war criminal before he slips out of their reach.  They soon find out that they are actually being led into a trap; but who is the trap actually for?
  • Written by Henry Gilroy
  • Directed by Atsushi
  • There are many aquatic species in the Jedi Order like Fisto and his old padawan Nahdar who are from the water worlds Glee Anselm and Mon Cala.
  • I really enjoyed the conclusion to this ARC!  And I loved the fact that they were three episodes that had a connection, but weren't really the same story.  Kind of reminiscent of the OT.

I hope you enjoyed this week! I'm so excited to watch these episodes and next week's too! Come back next Friday for the next set of episodes to watch! Until then, MTFBWY!

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