Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Star Wars the Clone Wars All Season Summer Plan!

Hey guys! So, a lot of you may remember me doing this before, or you may not, but, basically, I watch 4-6 episodes of the Clone Wars series(and the movie) every Friday night for 24 weeks and by the end I have watched all of them. With the release of the episode guide book though, I've decided to do them in chronological order this year! So, I'm just wondering if any of you would like to join me? I don't think anyone has before, if they have they never told me... Haha But, I usually start a week or two after the last episode of the season premiers. Season 6 was uploaded a little over a week ago, so I started last weekend, but if you guys want to do it with me, you can either catch up, or start this weekend. It really doesn't matter, I just wanted to know if some people wanted to do this with me as kind of a last goodbye to the Clone Wars series before Rebels comes(:I'll be posting the first week later today, then I'll post the second week on Friday(:Until next time, MTFBWY!

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