Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Star Wars the Clone Wars 24 Week Plan

Week 19!!! Oh my goodness! Only five weeks left!
And then Rebels will be coming!

This Week's Episodes:
Secret Weapons
A Sunny Day in the Void
Missing in Action
Point of No Return

Another droid ARC. 
Although this one is better than some of the others.
Especially in animation, which was simply amazing!
Especially in the last episode with that awesome explosion! Haha
It was one of the better combinations of humor and action.
Although we all hoped to one day again see Gregor,
 but that would seem nearly impossible now that the series is over.
Maybe we'll get to see more of him in some other form.

Sorry I didn't get this one up until now!
I had a considerably busy weekend, and then I forgot about it....
Anyway, hope your still enjoying the plan!
Check back next this weekend for more episodes!
Until next time, MTFBWY!

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