Friday, August 26, 2011

Commander Wolffe Action Figure Review!

Recently picked up the Commander Wolffe action figure!
I'm so excited about it! Read on to see what I think!

Overview: I'm so excited to have found this figure! So, I told you before that Target is a good place to look, but I found this guy at Toys R Us. You might be thinking that Toys R Us is expensive, but, at least were I live, it was the same price as the other stores. Wolffe comes with the base, game card, and dice like most characters.

Details: Wolffe has nice markings and they are very well done on this figure. Most of the details on him are pretty good. I kinda wish they would have done just a little better on his right eye, but it's still pretty cool. The articulation is normal for a clone. I only have two complaints about the figure really. One, he often tends to drop things out of his left hand. And, two, the helmet is very tight on him. It looks disfigured in the back when it's on him, and the head comes off when you try to take the helmet off.

Special Features: Wolffe comes with two blaster pistols, a blaster rifle, a nicely detailed helmet, and a missile launcher that releases the missile by the push of a button.

Conclusion: I'm so glad I picked up this figure! It's definitely one of my favorites now! I hope this helped you in your decision on buying this! Thanks for reading!

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