Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pre Vizsla Action Figure Review!

I picked up the Pre Vizsla action figure not too long ago,
and here's what I think of it!

Overview: Really been looking forward to getting this figure! Pre Vizsla, as the leader of the Mandalorian movement Death Watch, really is a must have for any collection! I'm so glad I finally found him! I love this figure! It's just awesome!

Details: The design on this character is really good! I think that Hasbro has produced one of its finest with this figure! It has a very detailed suit that actually looks like he's seen some action instead of how it usually looks, "shiny" and new. The jet-pack has a nice design as well. As far as articulation goes, it's the best I've seen so far! It is ball jointed in every joint, except for the head, even where the legs are attached to the body.

Special Features: Pre Vizsla comes with a neat cape, twin blaster pistols, nicely detailed helmet, awesome Dark Saber, and realistic looking jet-pack! I like how they made the cape! The two little spots where it's sewn help it to look more realistic because it conforms more to Vizsla. The blasters and Dark Saber are really neat! The helmet looks really cool! And as I said earlier the jet-pack looks so realistic!

Conclusion: I'm so glad to have picked up this figure! It became one of my favorites as soon as I bought it! Hope this helped you in your decision on this figure! Thanks for reading!

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