Friday, November 11, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.8

The General!
Simply amazing!

Overview: First of all I loved the words in the beginning, "The path of ignorance is guided by fear," and I'm just wondering if this could be telling us something about Krell... anyone else think about that? The battle scenes were just incredible! They were in depth, well thought out, and some of the best in CW(rivalling 2nd battle of Geonosis battle scenes!) Umbara, in its self, is just amazing! Beautiful scenery, advanced technology, etc. Although, I have been wondering why they can't breath the air of their own planet.... anyone else notice that?

Characters: The lines were really amazing and the debating scenes were almost breath taking!
     -Rex, Fives, Tup, Dogma, Hardcase, 501st: Well done Rex! Throughout the whole episode he had good lines and they really put a lot of thought into him in this episode! Fives was awesome! His lines were really good and it was so funny seeing him trying to fly the Umbaran starfighter! Tup seems to be growing a little through this battle. Dogma had some good lines in debating and such. Hardcase was really cool! As I said before, he is definitely the new Hevy! "I don't know, could be fun!" "...made me, hyperactive, I guess..." haha, he's so funny! The 501st was simply incredible! TCW has really come along with their story lines and battle scenes!
     -Pong Krell: I had a defense for him last week, but after this week, I really can't think of anything in defense of him.

Disappointments: I don't have any real disappointments for this episode!

Conclusion: This episode is definitely the best of the season! I rate this episode 10/10(don't compare this rating to last week's rating though, that one does deserve what it has, and so does this one, but the amount better of this one than that one is more than I can make it.)

If you haven't yet seen the episode you can watch it on or! Here, The General( or The General(! And watch a preview of tonight's episode here, Plan of Dissent preview(! (note: videos may not be available in all areas.) Until next time, MTFBWY!

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