Friday, November 11, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.9

Plan of Dissent!

Overview: I'm gonna keep this simple... WOW! It was incredible! Absolutely the best episode of the season! And I'd definitely venture to say the best episode in the series! The action, animation, plot, and lines were all breath taking and made for a great episode!

Characters: Really well done on the characters(characters that aren't listed were, in my opinion, summed up in my last review, Episode 4.8)
     -Rex, Fives, Tup, Dogma, Hardcase, 501st: Rex, man he's really making me proud! I love his honor, respect, and loyalty! Fives, well, I love his lines, but I think he has taken it a little far now. I hate to even somewhat agree with Krell, but they did step out of line. Though I do not believe execution is necessary! Tup, I like Tup, he's just like a puppy! haha, He's loyal and sweet and funny! Dogma is a stickler for rules, plus it seems like he cares more about himself than his brothers. Hardcase, I don't even know where to begin! He has become such a favorite of Star Wars fans! Major spoiler in next few sentences for those who have not yet watched this episode... It seems like Hardcase, not only is just like Hevy, but rather, and exact copy! Why, oh why, did they have to kill him off?!?! Though I am glad he died an honorable death! End of spoiler... The 501st are just awesome! They have really grown over the years!

Disappointments: None really!

Conclusion: As I said earlier in this review, the best episode of the season! It was incredible! I can not wait to see more episodes like this! I do hope Anakin comes back in time to save Fives and Jesse! Also, anyone else been wondering if we are going to find out why Anakin even had to leave? I rate this episode 10/10! Definitely my favorite, and probably most people's! Let me know what you think either here or on my facebook page!

If you haven't yet seen this episode, you can watch it on or! Here, Plan of Dissent( or Plan of Dissent(! And see a preview here, Carnage of Krell preview(! (note: videos may not be available in all areas.) Until next time, MTFBWY!

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