Friday, May 18, 2012

My 24 Week Plan to watch all of the Star Wars the Clone Wars episodes!

24 Week Plan week 8! We are now a third of the way through! It's gone by so fast! I'm pretty excited for parts of tonight! This week's episodes are: Grievous Intrigue, The Deserter, and Lightsaber Lost! Grievous Intrigue was a really cool episode! We brought in two new Jedi, Adi Gallia and Eeth Koth, that are really cool! I say we need to see more of the two! Plus it was just an awesome episode! We got to see more of Grievous vs Obi-Wan, which never fails to excite! A duel go on as the vacuum of space is trying to suck them out into it! And the whole episode took place with Anakin and Grievous coming withing feet of each other, but never even seeing each other! A very well done episode! We need more like it! Then we move down to the surface of the planet where Grievous flees in the episode The Deserter! Now, because of my moral views, this episode wasn't as good for me due to the attire worn by the farmer's wife. However, the story itself was good! Moving on to Lightsaber Lost we find Ahsoka on a mission with her master in which she loses her lightsaber. I think this episode was somewhat boring, but it did show us more of Ahsoka's developing character. It also showed us that she is learning, she is just a padawan, and she still does need guidance, and how she doesn't get all of her lessons from Anakin.

The picture above is of Mercy Mission! The fifth in my series of special wallpapers made for each of the Season 4 episodes! Hope you enjoy it! Until next time guys, MTFBWY!

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