Thursday, November 1, 2012

Remember when I said...

Ok, so remember when I was really upset about hearing of the creation of Episodes VII to IX to come, and I said it would take A LOT to get me to go and see them? Well, I thought about it, and, I'm still not crazy about it, BUT, I realized something about this that made me feel, well, differently toward it... Actually a few things...

First Reason: I now know exactly what people were going through when they found out about the Prequels(I think). Well, the point is, I wasn't a Star Wars fan before any of the prequel trilogy episodes hit theatres. I think I have made these statements before on this blog, but for those of you who haven't heard... I never knew about the dislike of the OT(by those who only like the PT), and the even greater dislike of the PT(by those who like the OT only). I thought of Star Wars as a whole, not two segregated parts in which people chose which they liked better. I never knew about this until I was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt in a store and someone asked me what my favorite episode was... I naturally replied with the truth: "I would have to say it would be a tie between Episodes I and VI." Now, my views on the subject of favorite SW movie have changed somewhat since that time, but that's regardless of the point... The person answered, "Wow! Really? I never heard of anyone who like both trilogies." My natural thought was "What do you mean?? Why wouldn't anyone like both trilogies?! They are both Star Wars after all, aren't they?" I didn't quite understand his meaning for that statement for a while... That is, until I got involved with the online Star Wars social media available through sites like facebook, blogger, twitter, youtube, etc. Then I got to see it first hand, yet, I still never understood it! After all, George started with Luke's story, yes, but even before Empire Strikes Back was released he was talking about making the PT! It was always in the vision, so why would anyone think differently of it, regardless the fact that it is ALL STAR WARS! My thoughts on that never changed, however, what I was blindly doing was discouraging the development of the ST(sequel trilogy)! I was doing exactly what people had been doing before the PT! I just recently realized this when I saw...

Second Reason: While exploring I came across a post entitled The Long, Winding, and Shapeshifting Trail to Episodes VII, VIII, & IX(click here to see.) Please read the blog post in the link before continuing to read mine... All of the sudden so much knowledge and understanding flowed into my then wide opened brain! "Wow! I never knew this before! The original plan was to have TWELVE episodes??" I couldn't believe what I was reading! By the time I reached the section stating that the saga was then condensed into just nine episodes, I was actually disappointed! After reading the post I sat there and thought, "Wow, what have I been thinking? This was Lucas's vision! Who am I to argue with the one who, without him, none of us would even be here!" Now, yes, there is the fact that George Lucas(at least I don't believe) hasn't actually written a script, and he has now passed the SWUniverse onto Kathleen Kennedy(a name SW fans will be hearing a lot of in the year to come, seeing that she is the new 'George Lucas'), BUT, he did give her all of his ideas and will be serving as her creative consultant, whose to say that it won't be good before we know ANYTHING about it! And, my hope are heightened by this blog post because it says that many of the books and stories created to take place after Episode VI were based off of Lucas's own notes for this time period. So it wouldn't be hard for them to stay with canon after all, and they, seemingly, won't need to smash down any canon(and anger SW fans) to make this new movie.

Now of course, we'll always remember the classics! Episodes IV-VI truly are, THE BEST! Though the action scenes may be lacking due to the lack of ability when they were made, the stories were great, and they are what started it all! But, we should keep an open mind to the future for more generations to enjoy, for the saga to live on, and for many people to love for years to come! :D

I hope maybe this post had an impact on your thoughts on the upcoming films! I know I've changed my mind! But, let me know what you think! Until next time, MTFBWY!


  1. That is very interesting :) I plan to write a post about it :)

    1. It is VERY interesting! I knew that the prequel trilogy was almost always a part of the plan, but 12 episodes?! haha