Friday, April 26, 2013

My 24 Week Plan to watch all of the Star Wars the Clone Wars episodes!

Week 6! This week's episodes are among most fan's favorites! They are: Landing at Point Rain, Weapons Factory, Legacy of Terror, Brain Invaders, Grievous Intrigue, and The Deserter!

I have never heard of any fan of the Clone Wars who didn't like The Geonosis ARC! It was considered by most fans to be the best ARC for a long time. It still is for some. However, for me, the Ahsoka ARC was the best by far with the Geonosis one coming in second. I absolutely love Grievous Intrigue! Adi Gallia was introduced into the series for one thing; and who doesn't love a good, excuse me, great, duel between Obi-Wan and General Grievous?! It also never ceases to amaze me how many time Anakin has been with-in reaching distance of Grievous, but never actually saw him! It's one of the only areas in which TCW has kept true to canon, but I think it's pretty cool! The Deserter was definitely a great episode too! And it had me on my toes with Rex getting shot. I really do love the plot, script, and story of this episode! The only negative part was that, in my opinion, they went a little over board on the Twi'lek's outfit(can't remember her name right now), but other than that it was great!

I can't wait to relive these amazing classic episodes! Check back next Friday for the next week in my 24 Week Plan! Until then, MTFBWY!

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