Friday, July 5, 2013

My 24 Week Plan to watch all of the Star Wars the Clone Wars episodes!

Week 16 of the plan!! Only 8 weeks left! This week's episodes: Kidnapped, Slaves of the Republic, Escape from Kadavo, A Friend in Need.
I really LOVE these episodes! They are probably my favorite four of Season Four(excluding Massacre and Bounty;) The Slavers ARC, in my opinion, was just a perfect compilation of everything the Clone Wars is about: there was a good dose of polotics, Jedi, and clones alike, and also including a great story line! I new I would love A Friend in Need as soon as I saw the previews in it! Three things: Death Watch, Ahsoka, Luxsoka. That's all I have to say! haha
Anyway, I really do like these episodes a lot and I can't wait to watch them again!!(: Until next time, MTFBWY!

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