Friday, May 23, 2014

Star Wars the Clone Wars 24 Week Plan

Week 11! Sorry about the poor quality of this picture... :/
I didn't notice it until after I had put all the text on it.... haha

This Week's Episodes:
Heroes on Both Sides
Pursuit of Peace
Senate Murders
Witches of the Mist

I pretty much love all of these episodes. haha
Some are better than others, but they are all good, in my opinion.
I liked Ahsoka seeing another side of the Separatists:
the civil side. Plus I totally ship Luxsoka!
And I always love seeing what Padme is up too, 
and seeing her take matters into her own hands.
It was very interesting seeing Ventress's past and origins on this show.
I also really enjoyed Savage, although I was, at the time, disappointed to see Maul was coming.
The duel between Ventress, Savage, and Dooku was amazing though!

Check back next Friday for the next episodes!
Until next time, MTFBWY!

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