Sunday, June 15, 2014

Star Wars the Clone Wars 24 Week Plan

Week 14! So, I've been really busy the last two days...
I made the picture late Friday night, but fell asleep before posting
and I had no time whatsoever yesterday...
But, anyway, here it is.

This Week's Episodes:
Mercy Mission
Nomad Droids
Darkness on Umbara
The General
Plan of Dissent
Carnage of Krell

A LOT of people don't like the first two...
It's like the most stereotypical attributes of a Star Wars fan:
if the episode stars R2-D2 and/or C-3PO, then we must hate it?
I personally don't understand it...
The episodes may not be packed with action, 
but they still are well written, animated, and fun to watch.
It's the comic relief... Get a grip... haha
Sorry, but that's my opinion. There is not a Clone Wars episode that I don't like.
Of course, like any good fan, I do have my favorites!
And the Umbaran ARC would definitely have to include some of them!
Having waited since Season Two for another of it's kind,
we all, I think it's safe to say, thoroughly enjoyed the second four-part-ARC of the series.

Check back this Friday for the next episodes in the plan!
Until next time, MTFBWY!

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