Sunday, May 8, 2011

Darth Maul controversy...

Today I'm going to tackle the controversy over Maul's return in Season 4 of Star Wars The Clone Wars! I'll be covering ever aspect of the event and in the end give my unbiased oppinion. I'm going to give you the arguments for and against and use that to come up with an answer.

Most likely the biggest argument for the return of Maul is this photo. This is from a comic about Darth Maul after his "death" on Naboo. Many are saying this picture proves that Darth Maul did not die on Naboo and lived on fitted with cyborg legs. In this comic he lived long enough to track Luke Skywalker to Tatooine and engage in a rematch against Obi-wan Kenobi.

Now I, for one, do not always find Wookieepedia to be true, but it has this picture, along with all of the other information from this comic series, in the non-canon section.

Another argument for Darth Maul is the appearance of Savage Opress. George Lucas clearly stated that he only made up the character Savage to bring Maul back into the show.

The argument against, there could have been a miss-understanding in this statement. George could have meant he wanted to bring the memory of Maul back in. Or maybe even his kind.

Another argument for is this photo of Maul in Mother Talzin's ball at the end of the Nightsister trilogy. Many believe this somewhat cliff-hangar of an end means the return of Maul. This is a very unstable end that could mean a few things.

Argument against, the appearance in the ball does not mean he's coming back. Just like it doesn't mean he's not coming back. Also, like I brought up before, it could just be bringing back the memory of Maul.

The obvious fight against Darth Maul's return is his "death" on Naboo. Many people don't believe he could have survived being cut in half, much less the fall to the bottom of the reactor.

In contrast, many believe Darth Maul survived the fall and laid at the bottom of the reactor where his master found him and attatched cyborg legs.

Count Dooku...another argument against Maul's return is Count Dooku. Why would Sidious look for another apprentice, much less train one, if he still had Maul as an apprentice.

I haven't actually heard an argument against this one, but my guess is... Sidious wanted to cover up Maul living by taking on a new apprentice. Another possible argument is that Maul could have broken off from Sidious after the incident.

In my conclusion, I'd like to state my opinion. You are welcome to state your own in the comment box. George Lucas definately has shown an interest in bringin Maul back. However the belief that Maul is dead stands in his way. Check this site to see how he has been logged as dead. It is

So after seeing these arguments and facts I would like to conclude with a word of hope and warning. The Return of Darth Maul in Season 4 seems likely, but I would not get your hopes up too high.

Again feel free to comment with your opinion and thanks for reading!


  1. I haven't watched the nightsister trilogy in a while. I just watched it a little while ago and it made me remember it wasn't just a picture of him in the ball, but Mother Talzin told Savage to go to Tatooine and find his brother who is in exile. Now that may bring the chances of his return up a bit, but still... It could just be a different brother. I know that's not likely, but she mentioned his name to Dooku, not Savage. Another thing I meant to mention in my initial blog is that Maul could return in Gohst form. Qui-gon Jinn went into exile on Tatooine after his death and trained Obi-wan later on. Perhaps Maul did the same?

  2. I think Maul coming back as a gohst would satisfy all Star Wars fans and is a good route for the creators of Clone Wars to take.

  3. The link provided for proof of Mauls death doesn't exist anymore...and, Maul IS coming in Season 4.