Friday, May 13, 2011

Imperial V-wing lego Review

Yesterday I bought the Imperial V-wing at Wal-mart for $19.88. This was the best price I could find, though I'm almost positive that Wal-mart had the same Lego for $16.88 just a few weeks ago. I could be mistaken though. The first thing I noticed upon removing the Lego set from its box was that the stickers were curled. This turned out to be a minor problem, however it would be nice if it was packaged a little more carefully.

First thing first... the characters are amazingly detailed! They were mostly easy to assemble, I only had a problem with finding the different pieces in the variety of same colored pieces. Both of these characters are nice additions to my collection!

This is the V-wing without its wings. The design is very sleek and detailed.

The wings are another great addition to this Lego! They're are also greatly detailed and add the perfect finishing touches to the starship!

This ship, when in landing mode, looks great for display or play! It stays standing very well by support of, surprisingly, a single Lego piece.

The wings of the ship easily slip into flight mode with a short turn of this gear.

The flight mode is great for a child to play with and adds a life-like appearance to the ship, yet displaying it in flight mode, as most would like, would be difficult. This due to the wings that extend below the "landing gear". Your best bet for displaying it this way is through a stand of some sort that goes lower than the wings.

The engines, though simple, add much character to the ship and I love the fact that they are green and not blue, as most are.

When placing R2-Q2 into his place, you need to take his head off and apply it to the space provided for him. You also need to move the side covers slightly to gain access to that spot. When R2 is placed in his spot it looks very neat, as is seen.

The Imperial pilot also looks awesome in the cockpit! The only complaint I have about the cockpit is there is no targeting computer. Otherwise the cockpit is great!

Conclusion: The V-wing is a great addition to my collection and it will add a lot of character to anyone else's! There are a few things about the ship that I'd like to point out. For starters the wings can be moved easily, so when playing with and/or moving the ship you need to be careful of that. Another thing is that the stand doesn't work well on soft surfaces, such as carpet, and usually tips forward. If it is on a sturdy hard surface, however, it will be less likely to fall at all. Also the ship is more of a "display and/or play" ship than a "have a fun experience with the build" ship. Though some people say I am a very fast Lego builder, it still took me only 30 minutes to complete this ship. All in all, this ship is a great addition to my collection and even if I knew the down sides to it before I bought it, I would have still bought it.

Hope this helps with your decision on whether to buy it or not and... Thanks for reading!

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