Friday, February 27, 2015

Fan Art Fridays

by norzeele
Hello everyone! And welcome to my new weekly Fan Art Fridays post! It's, the beginning of the weekend, so let's start it off with some cool Star Wars art that people have done!
For this post, I just found a few pieces on DeviantArt to share, but I would love to see your art! So get your favorite pieces and get sharing them with me! There are three ways to get your art featured here on my blog:

1. Instagram: Tag me in your art or hashtag it to #elitesquadronart
2. Post your art to my facebook page! Or hashtag it to #elitesquadronart
3. Or you can e-mail me your art:

All art will be credited to the artist (if you would like a link to a DeviantArt, website, social media account, etc, please provide the link in your post/e-mail)! Please only submit art that you yourself have created. Art may be traditional, digital, computer graphics, paintings, sketches, costumes, sculptures anything. Just as long as you're the one who made it!

This first piece is by norzeele on DeviantArt and I just loved the interesting creativity behind it! The dark and gloom of the empire hidden behind white armor. Very interesting! :)

by oblivionhunter1
This next piece is a very cool drawing of Sabine by oblivionhunter1! I'm a big fan of her character, and this drawing is definitely very cool! I especially love the detail in her armor and the background! :)

by grantgoboom
Another Episode VII piece by grantgoboom on DeviantArt! I just really like the style of this one! haha And the helmet in the back is pretty cool too! :)

by koreanmonk1984
Another Sabine drawing (cause I love Sabine! And she goes really well with art! haha ;)! This one is by koreanmonk1984! I just love all of the really cool pencil pieces they have! :)

by art-calavera
Last, but definitely not least, is this awesome art of the sith from The Force Awakens by art-calavera! Everything about this one is just awesome, specifically the lightsaber and the suspended shrapnel-looking stuff! haha xD

Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this new weekly post! Get drawing/painting/sculpting/etc and share your art with me for a chance to be featured!
Until next time, MTFBWY!

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