Saturday, October 1, 2011

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Review! Episode III

Overview: I think this was a really good one! The quality was the best yet! I'm still loving the Blu-Ray release!

Likes: I loved the HD again! The battle scenes where just incredible in Hi-Def! The areal shots on Coruscant and Mustafar were incredible again! I'm not sure if they added more, but it was really great! I loved the battle scene at the beginning! That scene was outstanding in High Definition! Again the art that encases the disc is incredible!

Dislikes: Still no dislikes in the movies yet!

Bonus Features: Again, just the commentaries.

Conclusion: Still extremely satisfied with the Blu-Ray release! Can't wait to watch the next episodes! Hope you enjoyed this review, and maybe it helped you with your decision on whether to buy this! If you haven't read my review of Episode II yet, click here! Look for my reviews of Episodes IV-VI next week! Until then MTFBWY!


  1. okay thats good that still there are no dislikes for this movie. But i would like to mention about the poor sound quality of this movie. Its not because of my heap dvd player. Really the sound quality is damn bad.

  2. I never noticed that it was bad... I'm sorry to hear it was that way for you, it sounded pretty good to me, especially in High Definition sound quality!