Friday, October 28, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.7

Darkness on Umbara!

Overview: It was pretty good! Good storyline, pretty good lines, nice battle scenes, an ideal episode.

Characters: Most of the lines and characteristics were done well.
     -Anakin, Rex, Fives, Tup, Dogma, Hardcase, 501st: Anakin was, well, Anakin, haha! He was his awesome self! His lines were pretty good, and they definitely stayed true to his character! Rex was amazing as usual! His lines were pretty cool! Fives was really cool! He had some nice lines! Tup was cool for a rookie! His lines definitely matched that of a rookie! Dogma was cool, his lines were ok! Hardcase was awesome! He's bringing Hevy, in my opinion! The 501st was, in general, great! I loved their loyalty to each other!
     -Obi-Wan, Pong Krell, Umbarans: Obi-Wan was great! His lines were in character and...awesome! Krell was really cool! He was strict, however, in my opinion, this is not the same type of thing as Commander Wolffe. He is just a stickler for rules and not that great at strategic planning. The only line I thought was mean was when he asked the clones if any of the rest of them wanted to play with the animals. The Umbarans were ok. We didn't get to see much of them, but they seemed good at planning attacks anyway.

Disappointments: No major disappointments in this episode! It was "an ideal episode" as I said earlier!

Conclusion: Best episode of the season so far I think! Maybe not the best in the entire series, however, I think this four part series will be the best series in TCW! If not it will be second only to the Geonosis series! I rate this episode 9.5/10!

If you haven't yet seen this episode you can watch it on or! Here, Darkness on Umbara( or Darkness on Umbara(! Watch a preview for next week's episode here, The General preview! (note: videos may not be available in all areas.) Hope you enjoyed this post! Look for my review up next Friday or Saturday! Until next time MTFBWY!


  1. One thing I forgot to mention though, was I was extremely disturbed when Krell pulled out his lightsaber on Fives.

  2. ^What? That was epic when he did that! jk but I^ kind of liked it though because it really isn't something we get to see a lot, but I see what your saying.

  3. Yeah, with these CW episodes I always like to refer back to Obi-Wan's line in Episode VI, "...from a certain point of view," everyone sees things from a different point of view.