Monday, October 31, 2011

Fan Art, Jack-O-Lanterns!

The pumpkins I carved this year!

Here is a view from a "daylight" perspective!

Individual view of Separatist emblem. This one wasn't my favorite... It was extremely difficult(aka, the hardest one) plus I had to do a little bit of modifications to make it work. It still turned out ok though.

This one's probably my next favorite up the line! First of all, it's the Republic emblem! That's awesome in itself! Second of all, I really like the way it turned out! And it wasn't that difficult!

This is probably my next favorite! I mean, who doesn't love the Sith emblem?!?! Plus I love the way it turned out! This was probably the third most difficult, but it was fun!

These last two are tied for my favorites! Star Wars and the Jedi emblem(which looks even more amazing on a pumpkin!) The Star Wars one was probably the second most difficult, but I'm really surprised at how well it turned out! The Jedi emblem was also a surprise to me! Hope you guys liked 'em!

What do you guys think of my Jack-O-Lanterns for this year? Let me know in the comment box below or on my facebook page! I had so much fun doing these! It took me three days! Hope you like them! Thanks for reading! Until next time MTFBWY!

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