Saturday, September 17, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.1

Water War!
This episode was pretty cool. The animation was incredible! And it was amazing watching it in HD! 

Overview: I thought the debate in the beginning was well done, however most of the lines after this, I thought, were somewhat childish. Most of Captain Ackbar's lines I thought were ok, and I'll excuse the prince's lines for now because I believe he is in his teens, but some of the lines that the other characters say were not that great. The battle scenes were ok, but I felt that it was a little rushed and the battle couldn't get to its full potential because of the time frame. Also, because they were trying to make the battle look cool, I think they took away from some of the character interaction. I kind of thought the battles were short and not shown enough to truly get what was happening, and that the times when there were discussions, they weren't thought through enough. I likes scenes like toward the beginning of the first battle. Also when Ahsoka and Lee-Char are in the tube with Riff trying to get in. And every time Ahsoka used her lightsaber, my mind was blown(I believe she was the highlight of the episode)! As always Kit Fisto's personality is so cool! I like how the Quarren leader is very arrogant with Riff! The ending, where Ahsoka, Lee-Char, and Ackbar are talking, was nicely done!

Characters: Some of the new characters were really cool!
     -Anakin, Ahsoka, Fisto, Padme, Yoda, Mace: I thought all of the character were pretty well done in this episode, with the exception of Yoda. I felt some of Yoda's lines were kind of childish. I
think most of the character's personalities were kept pretty good, also with exception to Yoda.
Ahsoka especially was really cool in this episode.
     -Prince Lee-Char, Senator Meena Tills, Captain Ackbar: I thought Lee's lines were childish as well,
though like I said before I think I will excuse that one, at least for now, because I think he IS a
child. Meena's lines, when I first watched the episode, I thought were not that great, but after
watching it again I feel differently. I think she was just sticking the their tradition and on top of
that didn't know much about war. Captain Ackbar was very cool in this episode! I felt they
stayed very true to his character from Episode VI and he was really cool! He had some very neat
lines, especially in the last scene when he talks to the prince.
     -Riff Tamson, Nossor Ri: Riff Tamson was a really cool character! I love his shark like personality
that makes him perfect to be a leader in the separatist army! It's kind of gory when he runs
around ripping people's heads off, but thankfully you do not see it happen. Nossor was pretty
cool! I love his personality, and his respect for his opponents!
     -Aqua Droids, Hydroid Medusa, Scuba Troopers: I'm glad they found a way to bring back the
aqua droids cause they are pretty cool! The killer jelly fish were pretty cool! It was awesome to
watch them! They scuba troopers were pretty cool, however I was disappointed that they weren't
given more screen time and lines.

Disappointments: My only major disappointment that I haven't mentioned yet was two different scenes using the same EXACT footage! Shortly after Anakin says, "Reinforcements...finally!" we see a close up of Ahsoka as she swims through the water looking to the left, then straight ahead with a determined look. A few minutes later, after Anakin loses his helmet, we see another close up of Ahsoka, the only thing is, they used the same exact footage as the one before! Do they think we won't notice these things?!?!

Conclusion: I thought the plot was somewhat weak, but overall, I thought it was incredible! I thought it was a great start to Season 4, but they could have made it a little stronger. It was really good animation, I loved a lot of the battle scenes, and it was awesome watching it in HD! I rate it 4/10! So, I'm so glad that Season 4 is finally here! And Can't wait to see more episodes! (Look for my review of Gungan Attack in a little bit!)

If you haven't yet watched this episode, you can watch it now on here, Water War!

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