Saturday, September 17, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.2

Gungan Attack!
Way better than the first, and again, great animation, especially in HD!

Overview: This episode was much better than the first! The conversations in the beginning were much better compared to some in the first episode! I loved the lines and scenes in this episode far better than that of the first too! The battle scenes were extremely better than those in the first episode this season! One of the moments I liked in this episode was the scene where they are looking for their ship on the surface. Also the lines directly following this scene were well done. I love the way Ahsoka tries to comfort Lee in his uncertainty as well! The best scene in this episode, and I'd even venture to say this show, was the extremely suspenseful scene where the trident droids spin around creating a whirlpool in which an incredible battle takes place! Ahsoka pulls off some incredible moves and Kit Fisto as well! I love Clone Wars sticking to their humor that has been in so many episodes, with lines from Anakin and Padme. Also the part in which Senator Tills and Jar Jar are hugging and then hug each other even tighter when surrounded by droids!

Characters: I felt the characters were much better portrayed in this episode then Water War.
     -New Gungan Boss, Jar Jar: The new Gungan Boss seemed kind of easily swayed and able to make snap judgements. Jar Jar was as always, funny.
(characters in the first episode were not listed because they've already been talked about on here, Water War review.)

Disappointments: No major disappointments in this episode!

Conclusion: This episode is by far the best yet in the Season, and possibly the entire clone wars! It was incredible done and the pacing between battles and conversations was way better than the first! I especially loved the end with the conversation between Lee and Ahsoka! I rate this episode 7/10! Look for my review of Prisoners next Saturday or Friday and see a preview here, Prisoners Preview!

If you haven't seen this episode you can watch it on here, Gungan Attack!

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