Friday, September 23, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! Episode 4.3

Wow I'm so impressed with how much they improved from last week's episodes!
It was much better and the animation looked amazing,
as always!

Overview: I thought this episode had a great plot! The scenes were much more climatic than last weeks. The lines were much better as well! I felt especially sympathetic now to the prince's lines in the first two episodes because now I see it was essential to be able to follow his journey to becoming the king of Mon Calamari! I again loved the conflict inside Nossor Ri regretting his choice to join the separatist! It was very climatic seeing his realization of his mistake, and his willingness to make up for it! I love how Prince Lee Char never gives up! Again, Jar Jar proves himself worthy of being in the Star Wars universe! The battle at the end was amazingly better than that of last weeks! More climatic, more interesting, more deaths, and better transitions between battle and talking scenes! I am so incredibly pleased with this week's episode! However, it makes me wonder why they couldn't make last week's episodes this good.

Characters: The characters were very well done in this episode!
     -Nossor Ri, Prince Lee-Char, Senator Meena Tills, Captain Ackbar: Nossor Ri, as I mentioned before, the conflict within him was incredibly depicted in this episode, and I enjoyed it very much! I was pleased to see how much Prince Lee-Char has matured in the past three episodes! He really came a long way! Meena Tills, though she didn't have very many lines, I thought had better lines than last week. Captain Ackbar has always been very inspiring, and I enjoyed seeing the creators of Clone Wars doing such a good job depicting that in the show!
     -Riff Tamson, Scuba Troopers, Gungans, Mon Cala people, Quarren people: Riff Tamson was slightly less amazing than last week, but I hardly noticed with all of the other neat stuff going on around him. He definitely kept his ruthless personality though. Again I was sad to say that there was not much of the Scuba Troopers in this episode. We get to see a little more of the personality of the Mon Cala people, which I though was neat! I love how the Quarren people decide to set apart their differences with the Mon Cala and help them win the war against the separatist!
     -Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Kit Fisto, Jar Jar Binks: I felt Ahsoka Tano was ok in this episode, there really isn't much of the usually main characters in these episodes, but I think that is was just fine that way! I felt she had just enough lines to help Lee-Char! Anakin had some neat lines, and I think there was a good balance of him, too! Padme didn't do much either, but I thought it was fine. Kit was also fine because whenever he spoke he had nicely done lines! I feel like Jar Jar really proved himself worthy of being in Star Wars with a few of his actions and lines on this episode, as I mentioned earlier!

Disappointments: Don't really have any major disappointments with this episode, other than I thought they could have made Riff Tamson a little bit more invincible.

Conclusion: Way better than last week's episode in many ways! I loved it a lot and I can't wait to see more episodes like this one! I rate this one 8/10! Look for my review of next week's episode next Friday or Saturday and see a preview here, Shadow Warrior preview! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! And until next time MTFBWY!

If you haven't yet seen this episode, watch it now on here, Prisoners!(note: video may not be available in all areas.)

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