Friday, September 2, 2011

My 24 Week Plan to watch all of the Star Wars the Clone Wars episodes!

Week 22! Only 2 weeks left until Season 4 and the end of my 24 Week Plan! Though I'm sad to see the end of my plan, I'm so excited for Season 4! Anyway, this week's episodes are: The Citadel, Counter Attack, and Citadel Rescue! I love these episodes! I love the whole rescue mission to the inescapable fortress! Though I'm not happy about Piell's death, for a few reasons.

Star wars: The clone wars Season4
Back to some Season 4 news, I have a friend who owns the leading "liked" facebook page for Season 4. Ever since he started he's had a goal to reach 1,000 "likes" by the time Season 4 premiers. We've got two weeks left to make his goal happen! So give the page a "like" then share it with your friends, to your page, whatever you have to do to help him reach his goal! As of right now he only has 287 "likes" left to get! I hope you will give him a "like"! Thanks for reading!

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